Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congress: Democrats and Republicans

In just a couple of days, the 2010 midterm elections will be upon us. It is important to note that some of these key races will have a significant impact on our future. Currently, it can be said that Congress is a problem. It has been incapable of making significant change since the last elections, and it is clear that the situation that we are currently in is not positive. Therefore, the upcoming elections will have a significant impact on how Congress can move forward. But what exactly are the problems that are causing Congress to be unproductive? A close examination of all angles can possibly clue us in on what is wrong.

At quick glance we always hear about the conflict between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. This is an obvious problem. Simply, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans and vice-versa. However, the issues are far more complex and go much deeper. Democrats are blaming Republicans based on their past. Democrats say that the Republicans have put this country in a hole that no one can get out of. This causes the bases of the argument. Republicans in turn counter and say the Democrats have been unable to bring any significant and immediate change this country needs. This argument goes back and forth with Democrats saying that even they cannot do anything because the problem so large and Republicans admitting yes we created this problem, but let us fix the mess that we started. Republicans say that they know most about the situation while Democrats say enough is enough, you had your chance and you let it slip away. This constant divide does not let our Congress currently do much that is productive. It has been so rare for bipartisan success, that it is now considered a miracle when it does happen. This relationship between the two parties is a problem.

When looking at this problem, many questions arise. We ask ourselves, "Should we fix this problem?" "Can we even fix this problem?" and if we can even answer any of these questions, we will end up asking ourselves "How can we fix it?" and "What can we do?" It shows us that this problem is so complex that we may even be unable to fix it ourselves. Does this problem belong to be solved by the people who have caused it? Our Congress? I would like to think that the people that we have elected into office can and will do something about this problem. But, with the recent inactivity and inability to do so, I believe that they cannot. What I see is that Congress has abused its power and it is time for the people to step in. Maybe we can finally do something about it.

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  1. I agree that change must be made and that Republicans certainly did not utilize their time in office efficiently, but I don't get what you think should be done to fix our problems. You concluded by saying that the people should step in, but isn't that the point of a Congress? To be representatives of the people? Maybe if Republicans could respond to our president's call to bipartisanship, than we could get the kind of action we are all looking for. Especially now that they have control of the House.