Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Political Season

Today, when you talk about political parties you mainly hear of the Republicans and the Democrats. These two parties often have opposing viewpoints, and they each control a large part of our politics. Because these two political parties have opposing viewpoints, it is seemingly unfair for one of these parties to control our politics. Today, it appears that the democrats control our politics. This large control of one party is unfair to the people of the other side. It is necessary that the people have equal representation and that is clearly not the case here. However, this can all change soon.
All throughout the states, there will be elections held for seats in the Senate, House, and also there will be gubernatorial races to come in the coming two weeks. All these elections can have a dramatic shift on the political orientation of our country. Republicans are looking to take control of more and more positions, and in the process kick Democrats out of office. But what indication is there that there may be this shift? A look at a recent Associated Press report shows us multiple reasons.
It says that due to the largely unpopular policies of the President, and the incapability of Congress to do something productive, people are fearing that are nation may go into a deeper hole than it already is in. As a result, people are looking for change again, and can do so by electing Republicans. Experts say that this may very well happen. Democrats have already conceded some races and are looking to only savage others. They are becoming more and more desperate. This is a perfect time for Republicans to pounce and take back control of what they once had. Once they do that they can work on the things that Democrats were unable to do and as a result do what the people want. That is to improve our great nation.

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  1. I think you have brought up some great points in this post. There are many opportunities for change because of the state elections, and therefore power shifts will be occurring over the nation. What I don't necessarily agree with, though, is that electing Republicans will improve our nation in a way that the Democratic administration hasn't. You say that "they (Republicans) can work on the things that Democrats were unable to do..." What, specifically, are you referring to at the end of your post?