Sunday, November 21, 2010


     We have the privilege of living in a country with freedom. Our constitutional republic allows for the people to have some say in government. However, throughout history and in modern day there have been countries that prevent freedom from their people.Specifically, there have been dictatorships established throughout this world that prevent people from enjoying the simple luxury that we have. Freedom.
  A dictator can be described as someone who has complete authority over an area, and does as he pleases. There have been many dictators throughout history. To name a few notable dictators there has been Fidel Castro of Cuba, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and Kim Jong-il of North Korea. These dictators have imposed total control on their respective countries by themselves. This power coming from a single person shows us how bad singular control of a government can be. We in the United States have been exposed to a government where all of us have some say in it. But the people who live under dictatorships are under the complete control from a single person. The three examples that were stated earlier are all example of dictatorships from different times. North Korea is currently under a dictatorship. Its people currently have no freedom and it is a current example of this problem. On the other hand, Iraq is an example of the past. Over time, its people have led the country towards a democracy. The most interesting example is Cuba. Cuba has been in a dictatorship since the late 50's. However,  this year Cuba has relinquished some control over its people. It still holds government control, but outside of that its power has diminished. These examples can all be focused on current dictatorships and hopefully show that they can be abolished. There is hope for freedom for all.  

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